This old shoe is hitting the bar

Tomorrow is my birthday-a pretty boring one- 56

Just one more step towards the next decade which is sounding distinctly old and filled with risk. As a nurse I see the worst cancers and chronic diseases in people from 50-70…if….IF….they get past 70 it seems to level off.

So far, so good for me. Slightly overweight and totally grey haired but active and not on any medications, normal blood pressure.

I couldn’t take off from work because everyone else is off but I am picking up my commuting lover from the airport like I do every Thursday night. The difference tonight is that instead of going to the airport in my pajamas and heading straight to bed, he is playing guitar at a bar and I will be joining him.

I think I deserve a drink tonight!! Happy 56th to me!!!

3 thoughts on “This old shoe is hitting the bar

  1. was going to wait for tomorrow but happy birthday< Lovely!! we love you and miss you.. you truly are a life saver and amazing person and I , for one, (and your little penpal) are forever changed because of you.. hugs!!

  2. Happy Birthday Tracy! Enjoy, as I’m sure you will. 56 hasn’t been such a boring year for me (as I stare the next one in the face!) and I am certain it will be an exciting and interesting year for you. Miss you! x

  3. aww, thanks ladies, I’m struggling a bit after my late night out but it was fun!!
    except for the woman shaking her young bootie in front of the stage…

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