Lawyers up my ass

Honestly, what has my life come to???

I have a new lawyer who is writing strong letters before he sets about suing my old lawyer for legal malpractice.

2 years and 2 months ago I didn’t have any lawyer, didn’t need one because life was fucking fine.

Then I fell on a fucking puddle of water in the middle of a hallway at work and tore my fucking hamstring off the fucking bone.

My only other experience with lawyers was 14+ years ago when I got a divorce, it was equally unpleasant.

images (1)


I like my lawyer, I liked my divorce lawyer… heck, I liked the lawyer I will be suing. It just seems like there is something inherently dishonest and dirty about lawyers.

2 thoughts on “Lawyers up my ass

  1. So sorry you are having to deal with all this… I know a lot of great people, truly great people, who are lawyers. I think the perception of “rottenness” comes from the fact that the goal in any legal dispute is to win the best the lawyer can for their client using the legal guidelines and the law. I think we forget that this is what is it, a chess game with rules. I do know lawyers who only choose cases they morally believe strongly about. But the practice of law is not always about that, and I know plenty of lawyers who often feel badly about what cases they are working on, what the outcome is, etc. But they still believe in the law and upholding the law, and not all of them have the option of only taking on cases they want. I am sure there are many bad apples, just like any other profession… I hope your case is successful — it is very unfair what happened. But you know the saying, that if you’re looking for justice, a courtroom is not the place to find it :/

    • I guess I am just so frustrated-I think if my first lawyer wasn’t interested in my case he should have just said so. there is no question that he messed up and missed a deadline and now I am back to square one.
      Like I said I actually like them both, seem like decent guys but if I gave a patient the wrong medication people would be all over me too

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