the day after

I am now 56 years and one day old and after spending Thursday night out late at the bar and a brief appearance at work followed by another evening, night and morning with Mr Special I am feeling not a day over 30!!

I haven’t been out after midnight in years but hanging out at a bar listening to Mr Special play with a band was fun! It was interesting to see the young people take photos and I wondered if this would be one of their memorable nights. Didn’t we all have nights that seemed innocent or uneventful but turned out to be life altering because of what we did or who we met or who we woke up next to???

I felt pretty good in the morning but after lunch I faded out fast~like a Malaysian jet over the Indian Ocean…in my case though, landing softly in Mr S’s bed, a mere 5 minutes from work.

After a long nap and some slap and tickle we were ready to go out to dinner at Nana’s. menu here

We got all the specials…deviled eggs with lobster, a salad from banana flower buds, skirt steak and fish…and I got pomigria-sangria with pomegranate juice!!

I had wanted to stay in but as winter is finally starting to subside here I voted to go out because we would be in the rest of the night.

Movie time!! after vetoing a bunch of science fiction, killer, weirdo movies we agreed on



I don’t know what I expected but it far exceeded my admittedly low expectations. For those of us whose childhoods were disappointing or interrupted….this movie says a lot. Mr S even got teary.

Off to the creaky bed for a good sleep, full of dreams and no. alarm. clock.

This afternoon I shopped for garden furniture with darling daughter and she treated me to a meal at Lake street bar and grill and again the menu is here.

Thanks to the California brigade I also got serenaded with a happy birthday video!

I am still promised a second viewing of the Muppet Movie and weather in the 60’s for the remainder of my birthday weekend!!!

Overall, I am feeling pretty darned loved up. I think people give with their heart and that’s all that matters, sometimes it’s an email and other times it’s this lotion

imagesThanks to all who contributed to my very happy birthday weekend~~~

3 thoughts on “the day after

  1. I have not talked to a single person who didn’t like Saving Mr Banks – me included – although I’ve actually only talked to about 5 people who saw it! Enjoyed it a lot. Won’t even tell you which porno film me and LGT watched on Friday night, lol. He’d seen it first when he was a shy and retiring 17 year old, and feels he’s now cured me of ever watching another!

    Your birthday weekend sounds wonderful! So glad it was good, although as you haven’t really even hit Sunday yet, is it over yet? 🙂

    • I guess I thought it would be more about how they made the movie so it was very interesting.
      especially since Mary Poppins was one of the icons of my childhood….

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