adjective: contemplative
  1. expressing or involving prolonged thought.
“she regarded me with a contemplative eye
synonyms: thoughtfulpensivereflectivemeditative

I suppose I have more than a few things to consider~ job, school, moving, family. The common thread to the whole she-bang?

Why can’t I just settle down? Why am I always looking ahead instead of just enjoying the here and now?

I have friends and family who have lived in the same house for 10…20…30 years.

I have lived in the same state, the same country for 10 years but never the same house. I think the longest I have lived in a single apartment/house is…..6-7 years?

That’s an open question…

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4 thoughts on “contemplative

  1. a fellow nomad! nothing wrong with that… why must everyone “settle down”? the world needs both — those who are solid, stable, constant and those who seek new challenges, bring new energy to new projects. i have lived in my current town for 17 years (second home here), and i am suf-fo-ca-ting….. counting down the next two years till my feet can start walking again 🙂

  2. not all who wander are lost— I always wanted to live in the same place…teach at the same school.. have generations of kids come through the same family… but then God laughs.. I also have the bug.. I never thought I’d feel so displaced.. but then I think of my kids.. what the heck?? how often can they be uprooted?.. I think the next big move will have to be our last for a while.. this economy sucks and we are drowning..

  3. lol, I have that in my office-“Not all who wander are lost” thanks ladies, really appreciate your comments!

    I think I am more a product of what’s happened to me-things I couldn’t control than any inherent wanderlust…well, maybe 50/50

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