A nap is an amazing thing

I am tired lately, worryingly tired…no matter how much I sleep I just want more…

That works pretty well in the winter when there’s not much else to do but now that spring has officially hit Chicago~I’ve got things to do, places to go~~~~

That’s where a good powernap comes in. Today after slacking at work all morning, walking with my group and then having an extended lunch at Stax I blew off work completely at 2pm and went home. I was soooo sleepy, embarrassingly sleepy in the middle of the day that I crawled in bed for a nap.photo-main

45 minutes and an iced coffee later I am raring to go!!

I guess it would come as no surprise that I was…have always been a champion sleeper…here’s the 411 on adult napping for brain power.


In England we slept on the night shift and virtually every time I would think~I’ll never fall asleep~~~wrong! I never failed to sleep and even the 20 minute nap can get you through a long night shift!

Anyway,I have two major papers left to write for school and lots of gardening to do this weekend.

They are predicting 70 degrees tomorrow and I intend to enjoy every fucking minute even if it includes a nap in the garden!


2 thoughts on “A nap is an amazing thing

  1. high five from across the miles.. I think I nap much more than i should.. and sometimes I think something is wrong with me..I never really have that revitalized feeling when i wake up and sometimes wonder if I have anemia or something..I feel short of breath besides tired…

  2. I feel the same way, short of breath etc…never feel awake or energetic and I worry that it might be something more….
    but as far as naps I don’t think you can have too many-then it becomes a lazy day!!
    i don’t have a perfect length of nap as long as I wake up feeling like I have slept. and I probably cheat by having a small cup of coffee…
    last week i blew it, came home from work at 5, napped from 6-7.30, had a coffee and then was wide awake at 11pm!

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