infection control games

It’s getting almost impossible to be motivated about my job. This week there are just two of us in our office-in some ways that’s a good thing big cause our “looks better on paper” colleague is off this week so at least she is not interfering.

I will be off next week and my “worth her weight in gold” colleague will be stuck with the interfering one.

As if we aren’t far enough behind we had to deal with a patient that was found sleeping in a grocery store (homeless) and her only health problem was a serious infestation with….lice, bedbugs and scabies! the issue was the nurses, doctors and social workers decided a good way to determine if the treatment had worked was to move the patient to a clean  second room?!

When I was talking to the very enthusiastic first year resident, I mentioned that it would have been helpful if someone had let Infection Control know about this lady so we could advise them…he told me he didn’t know we had an infection control department



Yes, that was my reaction. I said excuuuuuuse me? Have you ever been to a hospital that didn’t have infection control??? So, he stammered on…duh, ummm, buhhh…she’ll be leaving today….

yeah, right…

She didn’t leave and today I got a call from the administrative assistant to the Vice President for Health Affairs. This admin lady very nicely said that she just got a message from a Dr…Chris… asking me to call him back about a patient with lice. Seriously??

The roundabout story on this is that because we have no associate director, her phone messages have been diverted to an admin person who is now off taking care of her mother so her phone messages are being diverted to her admin boss…who happens to work for the head honcho MD.

When I sent out some directions on how to find the contact information for my “non-existent” department. I was told the required 4 clicks of a mouse was a little “cumbersome”. I held back from responding-so is making 4 unneccessary phone calls to leave a message and wait for a call back.

The topper was that Dr C asked me how to clear the patient, should he do a full exam?? My favorite response in my head to stupid resident questions is~which of us went to medical school??? Yes, Doctor you should examine the patient, make a  decision and then document your medical assessment in the patients chart. That’s how we do it….

The whole point is that I don’t really do my job anymore. I spend my time doing all this stupid, crazy stuff.

Vacation, here I come!



2 thoughts on “infection control games

  1. The other day C asked me “What does suoer duoer aunt Tracy do all day besides write me letters?” I dind’t mention all this..but I did tell her about how you are a nurse etc and how long you have known her and how much you helped me.. She smiled from ear to ear.. I think she was impressed.. When you come out here , you can fill in the rest 😉

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