Healthcare 1.0

Strolling through Twitter today after seeing stuff like this_74314465_tim18Blc9ZFgCIAEahhB

I invariably run across the equivalent of saying “you’re fat”~ to paraphrase the usual rhetoric

~healthcare in the USA is more expensive, with shittier outcomes than every other country on the planet and millions of Americans go bankrupt without insurance~

What’s the point?? Every healthcare system is close to the breaking point, held together by the dedication of its staff.

Here’s my 6 ideas for supporting healthcare in any country!

  1. Support fundraising events at your local hospital. Call and see what’s going on. At my hospital we have supported charity events like St Baldrick’s, but we also have volleyball  & baseball games between departments to raise money
  2. Organize, join, participate in and support healthy habits- a 5k run, smoking cessation, a walking club
  3. Take your business (doctor’s appointments) to your local hospital instead of to the fancy, shmancy hospital across town. Sure, be vigilant, ask questions but if you have insurance they will be glad you are there.
  4. Find out what their infection rates are. In the US, that would be on Hospital Compare. Be educated about current best practice-visit the CDC website for lots of healthcare resources.
  5. Support Nurses!!! Say please and thank you, ask questions and listen to what they tell youalways-thank-your-nurse
  6. Stop complaining about your wait, the waiting room chairs, the foreign staff~unless you are seeing a witch doctordownload (1)

Let’s stop pointing healthcare fingers-images (4)

who’s best, cheapest, slowest…take responsibility for your health and respect those that dedicate their lives to helping you stay healthy.




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