Lost in Greenwich Village

After my interview yesterday I had plenty to think about. The only real reason I can think of for not taking this job is leaving my loyal colleague basically, stuffed. The secondary (and very important) consideration is that at some point, maybe, in the future, possibly….my daughter may calculate that, in fact, she and her husband can include an offspring into their budget/life and I would like to be in Chicago as much as possible for that.

Today, I decided to try the commute to the new job from my son’s place which will be my initial living space. It took a full hour…ugh, not so great. I am fully back into public transportation mode and this is….ahem…New York Citay!! Changing trains at Time Square…going past 5th Ave and 34st Street and 59th Street and Grand Central, very iconic.

I headed back “downtown” to 14th Street and Union Square. My goal was to go to a few shops that my son took me to and then Whole Foods. But everything looks the same…and walking is so tiring…and what’s the difference 6th ave?? 7th ave??

Next thing I know I am deep in Greenwich Village in Christopher Park


I sat down and tried to regroup. I have a very good sense of direction and knew I wasn’t too far off but hey, my feet are getting tired. I cheated and used the map app on my primitive blackberry and got to Union Square in the end!

Mission accomplished:

  1. Bought the only AND most expensive cream for my face at L’Occitane
  2. Ogled and eyeballed future purchases from Fishs Eddy, love their cheap and cheerful mismatched vintage dishes
  3. Bought an egg cup at another store for god daughter
  4. Fondled book shelves at Restoration Hardware

After stroll through the farmers market, in the cityimages (6)

and another sit on a park bench in Union Square Park, I went to Whole Foods. It was so crowded last night I thought I’d come back today…fucking hell…it was fucking crowded hell. I couldn’t find the one product i went for (Jerk chicken spices) and got a few other things. The checkout was this weird color-coded queuing system with a voice telling you which check out to go to…and while everyone else was getting 22 or 34 or 19 or 26…on my turn it said 2…TWO??? I headed over to register #2…someone already there…supervisor had to fit me in…I’m embarrassed and thinking this is THE worst Whole Foods in the WORLD!!!

The 6 million dollar question??? Do I want this to be my new home?

Answer pending

5 thoughts on “Lost in Greenwich Village

  1. NYC does take some getting used to… I think you would need to live in the other end — upper east side or the Bronx or even NJ. I’ve been mulling similar things. I need to write over at my place… I’m rooting for you whatever you decide!

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