Professional Dilemma

I am always…okay, almost always very professional at work. I have a social networking aversion…I am too literal or open or don’t know how to create a persona…but yes, I am on linkedin and while I enjoy some connections,

Today I was amused to get an invite from an ex project manager to add me to her “professional network”.

The two options are “accept” and “view profile”.

I want the option that says “delete this crazy, psycho bitch”

Maybe that’s why I am not on Facebook anymore?



4 thoughts on “Professional Dilemma

  1. On linkedin I never decline a professional contact. I have hit the ignore button (which comes up if you view the invite) when I get contacted by random people I kind of know personally but not really professionally. What did you do with the request? Lol.

    • it’s sitting in my inbox!! i just think it’s weird that this woman who made my life a living hell for over a year and made it very personal, now has she gone to the trouble to send me a request?? I have added some other people from the same team but we were on much better terms….

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