Weighing my options

I had my interview at a very prestigious New York City hospital. The director was quick to say they are a “non-profit” hospital but I assume they have some verrrrrry generous donors….it was clean and modern and the staff were very pleasant in other words the opposite of where I currently work. I’m not dissing where I work, it’s a public  hospital and provides much needed services to a huge number of vulnerable patients with very limited resources. What is annoying me is the staff attitude~the nurses are among the highest paid union nurses in Chicago!!

There’s 4 types of staff response to any question at my current employer

  1. Not my job, department, patient. I wasn’t here/there. I don’t remember/nobody told me.
  2. I/we would NEVER do that. That could not have happened because everyone knows what to do. In 5, 10…20…30 years I have never seen/heard that before.
  3. I would love to…I always….I want to….but some policy/other department prevents me from doing it.
  4. No time, too busy, no time, too busy, no time, too….

It is rare, not impossible but very rare to have someone respond positively or even politely to even the tiniest request.

I have no illusions that this new hospital or any other hospital doesn’t have similar issues, I don’t expect clinical staff to be skipping around throwing rose petals down the corridor but c’mon…just do your job!

So, after that little vent, I was obviously impressed by this new potential employer. I met with the director and the team and then went on a little tour of a few of the ICUs. Very cool!

Guess which way I am leaning?

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