Last night I volunteered to help out at the annual nurse competencies on an evening shift (3-11pm). I really enjoy talking to the new and old nurses. It’s quite a social event and gives great insight into what really goes on, the nurses are relaxed and ready to spill secrets.

I saw a nurse who looked familiar and we both kind of eyeballed each other trying to place how we knew each other. Then it hit us simultaneously that we worked together 10 years ago on the night shift-where nurses really bond!

After hugs~

She blurted out “my daughter is gay”

Asked how my kids were

Am I getting it? She hasn’t had sex in 9 years, 9 YEARS! doesn’t do “rubber” (vibrators, dildos)- only “real meat”

She is getting close to retirement and plans to have her daughter take over her mortgage payments for 6 months a year so she can travel~good plan!

I updated her about my kids, house(s) and yes, I am having sex.

10 years in 15 minutes!!

I promised to show her how to do online dating so she can get some real meat!!



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