Must. move. on.

Single again. My choice.

Am I happy? NO!

I am sad, lost and disappointed but it feels right because I am no longer at his beck and call.

I have my time back….what I do with that time is another story.

It is stunningly, gloriously warm here in Chicago today!! I came home from work and watered my plants,Berwyn-20140508-00186

sat in the garden with cleo and started digging up the millions of dandelions in my lawn


He already text saying that he assumes I will not be picking him up at the airport tonight. Not LOL.

I just need to stay strong one day at a time.


2 thoughts on “Must. move. on.

  1. Hey Tracy
    I’m so sorry to hear that- I thought that things had been going well??
    Hang in there!
    Sending you love and positivity from us all in blighty xx

  2. i flip-flop alot on this, he’s a wonderful person but the main issue is that he has stubbornly refused, avoided and stalled on meeting my family…we’re talking after 2 years of being in a “relationship”. he says he doesn’t have a “problem” with it but it just never happens, Meanwhile I have met his friends, gone on these crazy camping trips and played the attentive girlfriend at his musical/artist events…Ugh!

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