Cat lesson

This break up stuff is hard. I’m somewhere between denial and bargaining.


It would be so easy to just give in…he tried very hard to put lots of excuses and corrections to what I’ve said. It would be so easy to just suppress my feelings, forget those subtle but stinging comments.

When I was young I was more than happy to embrace my boyfriend/husbands life-his likes and dislikes, agree with his version of the world and always make the necessary changes to keep everyone happy.

I’m way past that.

The reality is that if I walk away from this relationship, I will die a single woman.

There will be no more relationships. This one was a lucky fluke but I won’t be putting myself out there again.

I’m working on plans/projects for the next few months. Isn’t that what they say you should do?

Reasons why you should break up

Break up mistakes

What not to do after a break up

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