12 hours of hammering

I have a new roof, I’m still not clear how we got here but I would say my very organized daughter and a persistent sales team have something to do with it. Left to me, it wouldn’t have have replaced until it was leaking on my bed.

But here we are. The roofers were supposed to arrive this morning, Saturday, “between 7.30-8am”. Apparently the workers didn’t get that text because at 7.01am they were unloading their vans and the banging started by 7.45. The noise and banging has continued non-stop all day and it is now 7pm…almost done!

Around 9am the head honcho showed up to let us know the old, 80 year old roof needed an extra layer of plywood and a few other things which doubled the price. I find it hard to believe I (we) are paying thousands of dollars for something we won’t even see.

Berwyn-20140510-00190 Berwyn-20140510-00191 Berwyn-20140510-00192

I bought some chocolates for the neighbors on either side to apologize for the noise.

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