just ask

I’m not a big “people person”. I mostly grouse and complain about people-their lack of respect, manners, consideration, compassion…which is the complete opposite to my addiction to being a “people pleaser”

This ted talk helped me see that I might have it all wrong

5 thoughts on “just ask

  1. Cue Twilight Zone music – Lester sent me a link to one of her songs on You Tube – I’d never heard of her, but liked what I saw and then found a Ted talk she did that was really good – not sure if it’s this one, haven’t listened yet. I’m following her on Twitter, but that might be a mistake – she is a constant tweeter and re-tweeter! I like her attitude though.

  2. Not really. You made reference to Thomas Dolby in a recent post and I’d never heard of him until Lester introduced me to his music! Of course, at the moment, I can’t listen to his music, but eventually, I’ll go back to it. I’ve only watched a couple of her videos on You Tube. The link he sent me was to Map of Tasmania. 🙂

  3. Who???!!! LOL! True…local radio was mostly country (and a little bit rock ‘n roll).

    By the way, this is the Ted Talk I found – she’s only done the one. She’s now in the process of writing a book on the art of asking. Interesting woman, although not sure about the eyebrows.

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