don’t let my white skin fool you

When I drive through the west side of Chicago every week day…I see lots of people just hanging out.

My first thought is “Why is nobody working?”

I assume the response would be something like~no jobs, nobody will hire a black person?

I want to scream NO!!! it’s because you have a shitty attitude, you can’t/won’t speak proper English, you won’t dress professionally, you won’t get yourself to work at 7am.

Just because I have white skin doesn’t mean I have had it easy

  • I am a high school drop out.
  • I have a GED
  • I served 4 years in the US Air Force
  • After 3 kids I found out my husband was a heroin addict
  • With kids age 4, 11 & 14, I worked night shifts and went to nursing school during the day.
  • I have a Nursing degree and now make over 100k/yr

Just wondering if anyone sees any aspect of my life that a person of any color could not accomplish?

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