Looking back

Ever since I realized that the house I bought last year is literally 20 (or so) blocks from where my grandparents lived when my dad was born in 1930 I am constantly reminded of another world.

Al Capone ruled this area in the 1930’s

trib000000001137 spot_644_1290 This was a “new” suburb of Chicago back then.capone-archiveMy grandpa had a good job at Western Electric

images (12) images (13)


Remember those old phones?

My grandpa was able to move out of what I imagine was a pretty tough neighborhood into the suburbs where he had a house built.

All my childhood I was drawn t0 this kind, gentle old man. I sometimes stayed with my grandparents and my grandma would send me down the street to greet my grandpa as he got off the train from work. I remember holding his hand as we walked down the winding street home…to the very last house.

Later I heard he was a big drinker…

This weekend my daughter and I happened to pass the cemetery where my dad, grandparents, aunt and their extended family are buried.

Leyden-20140526-00196 (1)I like that both my aunt and grandpa have a short saying on their stone, it brings out their life.


My grandma’s ashes sat in a cabinet for more than 20 years even though she had this resting place next to her husband. My dad died in 2010 and we had their ashes buried together.

I need to arrange to have the stone finished…. because nobody else in my family will.




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