My new life imagined

I’m coming to terms about my upcoming move. It’s not necessarily jumping up and down with glee….more like it will be fun, exciting and better in some ways.

I’m now committed to my move to New York City. I have an offer on a new job and resigned my position here. Seeing my job posted today made it real.

Wait let’s say that again…I’m moving to New York City!!

nycI’ve lived in New York, out in the suburbs. Working in Manhattan and taking the subway from Queens everyday will be a whole new world. Luckily, I am the public transportation queen.

I have never been to the Statue or Liberty and have no intention of getting anywhere near the world trade center site….I will be exploring Coney Island,images (20)


Jones Beach, th (1)

The exciting part of living on the eastern seaboard of America?

The smell of saltwater.


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