I’ve tried to make an interesting blog-not always focusing on my life but often including other topics such as healthcare, middle age, single parenting life.

My attention is straying and I struggle with a desire to engage, continue with this blog and just fuck it all, press delete.

I’ve decided to just leave it as is, not likely to contribute much but not delete.

Comments are always welcome! Just be real.


4 thoughts on “Done

  1. Hey!!
    I didn’t know you were back on line!
    You were ‘off line’ for a while!!! I thought that you must have decided to stop blogging….
    You should email everyone and let them know you’re back….
    Please don’t quit!!!
    You have such a dynamic and interesting life and I love to hear all about it… My life a a little static at the moment, kind of revolves around Bradley, not complaining, but still dreaming of new horizons once my boy leaves the nest.

    • leaves the nest?? he’s what? 4? 5 years old??? you should be on to number 2 & 3 by now…
      bet you hear that a lot and actually I don’t push anyone not even my own kids.
      just saying you have a long way to go!!

      my life? interesting? I guess it is?

      Moving on the 2014 New York City chapter which is different from the 1980’s Long Island chapter and less stressful from the 2003 England chapter….

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