How cold was it?

We camped at 9500 feet with just a tent…the first two nights even the millions of twinkling stars did not warm me. I slept with wool socks, wool sweater, gloves and my scarf around me neck and pulled up over my head glued to my partner under a sleeping bag and wool blanket.

I barely slept a wink I was soooooo cold!

After the third night it got a little overcast and cloudy=slightly warmer.

Funny thing is it got gloriously sunny and hot every day, enough to burn me to a crisp.

I guess that is the oxymoron of living on a mountain.

3 thoughts on “How cold was it?

  1. I’m thinking of giving this camping thing a try…by myself…in Wales. Hopefully, I won’t be as cold as you were, but I guess I’d better be prepared for anything!

  2. Wales should be a piece of cake with a good sleeping bag. I guess my learning point is how much the temp varies…in this case at least 40 degrees F from day to night.

  3. Yes, that is a big temperature change. Actually, where Wales (or anywhere in this country!) is concerned, it’s not so much warmth to worry about as staying dry! I’m now learning about those little numbers on tents that indicate the level of waterproofness – the higher the number, the better!

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