I knew…

you knew….we all knew this move to New York had to hit a glitch at some point. It might have been more convenient if it had happened early on and not at the point when I have resigned my position AND….they have already hired a replacement.

Friday I started (undeniably a little late) checking into the progress on my NY nursing license-one of the single most important documents for any nurse, anywhere in the world. I was told by the slightly snotty woman on the phone that I had only filled out one of the 4 forms needed and that once I submitted ALL documents it will still take 4-6 weeks to be processed.

*starts backpedaling*

The lady in New York that obviously holds great power in the issuing of nursing licenses said “it’s all on the website”, just type in nursing form 1 and nursing form 2, etc because everyone would know that….

So I printed out form one which is a 4 page application with sections such as- I am:

  • a US citizen
  • or twelve other choices

Yes, I’m sure that there are a few people who fit into one of the other categories but unless they have paid a huge amount of money for fake documents they are unlikely to be filling out this form.

Another section that gave me a giggle/gasp was 1 (one) space for the “elementary or primary school” I attended!

  • I am 56 years old so we are talking 35-50 years ago
  • I attended 3 schools from kindergarten to junior high school which is probably about average

They must have a lot of confidence in both my memory and family stability to expect me to provide the dates-day/month/year of my attendance.

I was more fortunate to work at the university where I graduated so the form for that was a piece of cake.

At any rate, I am currently looking at unemployment at the end of next week with my best case scenario that my employer agrees to keep me on for another 1-3 weeks (until my replacement arrives) despite my complete disinterest. My favorite scenario is 4-6 weeks of blissful relaxation (while digging deep into my savings account).

3 thoughts on “I knew…

  1. Yikes, a bit of a nightmare! Perhaps you’ll be able to split the difference and stay on just a bit longer at the current job and have a little less ‘free time’ in which to eat up your savings. Fingers crossed, the new license comes through in a timely manner!

  2. the same thing happened when I moved to the UK-it took 10 very torturous, thumb twiddling weeks!
    Today I applied for a comparable job at my current place of employment-colorectal clinic-lol, that should be interesting….

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