3 thoughts on “so close it hurts a little…

  1. Living in the land where both men AND women say ‘sorry’ all the time, I didn’t find it cringe-worthy. I found the second half to be rude. It seems to me that ‘sorry’ is a catch-all word that should be replaced with more polite words – that first woman just seemed rude to me, the woman ‘barging’ in to the office really just needed to say ‘excuse me for interrupting’ rather than sorry…don’t cringe T!

  2. Hi Julie, that’s an interesting viewpoint. I get the UK “over-sorry”ing but I found it annoying and fake.
    I genuinely feel like everyones else’s time, worries etc are more important than my own.
    it’s the number one reason I am in the Pickle I am in right now….

  3. Yes, I think you are indeed talking about something a bit different. I find myself saying ‘sorry’ all the time, mainly out of habit – much like what we Americans are accused of – saying ‘have a nice day’ out of habit rather than meaning it.

    I am your pickle gets sorted fairly quickly!

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