good landlord: an oxymoron

Yesterday, I got the dreaded email from the estate agent managing my property in England. It said the tenants want to renew for 6 months.

Last year they renewed for one year…was there a problem? are they thinking about moving? new baby boy on the way?

After some follow up, relief….

Just had the tenant come back to me and apologised for confusion she does want 12 mths and she said loves the property and there are no issues

and I didn’t raise the rent!

2 thoughts on “good landlord: an oxymoron

  1. That is such good news! Oddly enough, I was thinking about them this morning while I was vacuuming the house!! I was wondering what would happen if they had another child and was hoping they’d be happy to stay put for quite a while yet…it sounds like they are indeed happy!

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