summer thunderstorm

This afternoon I realized that I should have been starting my new job in New York city today. Instead I was still slaving away, doing jobs I’m not paid for thanks to the my current employer who let me stay when my license got messed up.

I interviewed for a job at the financially strapped public hospital where I currently work…just in case. The position is in the Colo-rectal department. Eewww, sounds pretty grim, eh? But it has significantly more direct patient contact and I am a sucker for a patient with a horrible cancer…In addition, they want to expand their “pelvic floor” services…maybe I could get some tips to avoid that diagnosis?

Anyway, tonight, on this warm August night in the middle of this glorious summer-just when the calender has turned the page and one realizes that this weather just may not last forever…a storm! Complete with lightening, waves of rolling thunder and pounding rain.

I anticipate a good night’s sleep.



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