I just remembered

Actually besides my work woes lots of weird things going on here.

I have no gas for my stove at the moment. When I bought this house last year there were three meters…I soon realized the gas company has charging me more for the “service” on two of the meters than for the actual gas being used! 10 months ago I began my quest to have the two meters removed. Ha! Easy you say???

Oh, no…I had to find out the BTUs of each appliance and send that info to the gas company so the could approve my request to have the meters removed. Then after hearing nothing for weeks I got an email last Thursday saying they would remove the meters on Monday.

Thaaaaaaanks!! That’s a whole lotta notice without any mention of what they are going to charge me. Yesterday, two days after the gas company removed the meters and only the meters (not the big rusty pipes) a nice heating guy came by to give me a quote for reconnecting the stoves and removing the big ugly rusted pipes….*reminder to self-sit down before I open bills from the gas company or quotes from the gas repairman.

Another interesting little event was this morning when I was half asleep standing in front of my dresser getting dressed….

I glanced down and YIKES! dead bird!! without my glasses I thought nah, can’t be. Bent down and really focused…yes, it was- right in between my bra and a pair of shorts on the floor…a little but very dead bird.


I guess this might be where I could mention the $100 ticket for turning right on red…complete with 3 photos and an offer of a view of the video…?

Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of these although I can get a pic of the gas pipes if anyone needs it to complete the story~

I do have a pic for this last little story. I took off Wednesday morning to wait for the gas man. The later I arrive at work the higher I end up in the parking garage. 11am almost guarantees the 6th floor, the roof. But….I spied a space on the 1st level. On closer inspection it was apparent that only one car could squeeze into that space.

And that is how little Verde ended up here. Perfectly between the lines and mocking her big fat ostentatious neighbors.


2 thoughts on “I just remembered

  1. Nice job. I seem to have lost the talent for parking straight – I’m always crooked…but almost always within the lines!

    I got a speeding ticket last month…my first ever. I’m looking at it as cheap for all of those years since 1977 when I was driving 10 miles an hour over and got away with it. This time, 7 miles over. I get to pay £80 for a speed awareness course – no points, thank heavens, and I don’t have to mention it to my insurance company!

    Taffney thought I should say a relative from the States was driving. Not possible, if someone else was driving, I need to provide proof they were insured to drive my car! I could remind the police my plates were ripped off last year, but they’d probably come back with photos of the car and me behind the wheel…

  2. Ha, that’s an interesting suggestion from someone attending law school…. 🙂
    I should add the pictures they sent me-a long shot, a close up of my plate and then the money shot-my car turning the corner next to the red light and the tiny little sign posted about 6 feet up the pole! fuck ’em – the person who checks those pics should look for a new job!

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