it’s a done deal

I’m looking at a rapidly approaching “last day” at my current employer. Started a series of good-byes, slyly dodging the going away/leaving do/farewell parties-mainly because I will probably cry. I will officially be unemployed on August 15th.

I have a new job-I just don’t have a NY state nursing license-I am hoping to start Sept 2. I welcome two weeks off to pack, move, paint and settle in. More than two weeks and I will be a very irritable, anxious crazy person.

My lovely but sometimes frustrating manfriend has suddenly come around to the strength of our relationship…he wants us to live together, I’ve been cooking Sunday dinners for him, his son and a few friends and I am invited to his nieces wedding in October. Everything I wanted for the last 3 years.

Hrmph!! A little late, love.

I am outta here, exhausted all options, no turning back-now he can yearn, explore his options and work some magic to join me on the east coast.

At the end of the day, I picture myself retiring in 10 years on a few acres of land in a small village in upstate New York. It would be nice to have a guitar playing hippie share my life. We would make fantastic grandparents together!!


3 thoughts on “it’s a done deal

  1. I’ll never go to another leaving do of my own again…the tears are so embarrassing (and sometimes I cry too!!)

    The new job – can’t they even start your training without your licence?

    Boyfriend – since he’s away from home for work a lot of the time anyway, you think it would be simple for him to re-locate…yes, I know, nothing is ever simple!

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