this is war!

Today I went to the local chain drugstore and parked my little car perfectly within the parking space lines…

When I came out a shiny Audi was parked on my right soooooo close, it was difficult for me to pull out and would have been impossible for the driver of the other car to get out of her car.

I started to back out…so frustrated that I stopped my car and walked over to the driver who was busy texting away on her phone with a kid in the back seat.

I said “look how close you parked to my car!”

She waved me away saying…Oh, the car to her right was over the line as if that meant it was okay to pass up the other 10 available parking spaces and squeeze less than 6 inches from my car…..

What did I do/say?? I said FUCK YOU!

What I should have done/said?

Option #1: I could have sat in my car waiting for her to try and get out and pretend to be surprised

Option #2: I could have left my car as I found it and taken a photo of her shitty parking skills and posted it on every available social media I have…which would be here and twitter….

I did neither but I vowed that I will in the future.

Be prepared!!!

4 thoughts on “this is war!

  1. I seem to encounter these kind of dicks every day! I’m starting to lose my faith in humanity!!
    I’m shocked that you swore at her, but good for you! I would never do that because guaranteed I’ll get the psycho bitch who will try to bit my ear off!

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