Exiting quietly

Two more days…just two more days before I leave my current employer…for the second time! Last time I moved to England.

I was in the hospital today and saw lots of people, obviously for the last time or what I assume will be the last time. I walked around with the newest person in our office and was proud to show her the advantages of working with the nurses and doctors, building personal relationships. She is sharp, energetic, interested and she has a personality, unlike her predecessor.

The new Associate Director who is very full of herself and her new title is proving to have much less substance. She is droning on about all kinds of long term possibilities while ignoring the immediate issues.

She has taken off 6 days in her first 8 weeks of employment. 4 days in my last 2 weeks. So even though she keeps talking about how much she needs to learn from me before I go if you’re not there….

Unfortunately, despite her taking off Monday and Tuesday and then making me look at pics of her daughter waiting for the bus for her first day of high school (torture enough), she thinks it’s okay to keep me at work til 4pm to catch up on what we could have done earlier in the week.

Tomorrow is my small lunch leaving do at my favorite diner near work-Stax

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