Preparing for an adventure

Well….I have been packing all week in sweltering humidity but it’s still better than working. Yesterday I was thinking this must be what it feels like to live in a rain forest!


Familiarity with hot and humid is not easily gained but I’ve got my share from many un-air conditioned summers here in Chicago but also from some time spent in Biloxi, Mississippi and Southeastern Turkey. It’s so yucky that you never really feel clean and fresh, almostt as soon as you get out of the shower you start sweating and want to get back in the shower. I am not a big fan of A/C but desperately humid weather calls for desperate measures aka holing up with A/C.

Almost completely packed for my New York Adventure in fact I may abbreviate that to NYA. I let my new Director know that all my paperwork is complete (I am now a licensed RN in the state of NY) and she replied with an apology about the process being”protracted”… Imagine that?

The hard part now is carefully filling my little car for the drive out there. With such limited space in the Fiat it’s hard to prioritize what to bring.

Tomorrow I’m off, on my own for the 800 mile drive. I don’t have much of a plan-not sure what time I will leave but pretty sure that I will stop overnight in Ohio or Pennsylvania.

I am open and ready for this adventure-hoping to learn something new about life and myself. Because…not-all-those-who-wander-are-lost-anastasiya-malakhova

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