A Personal Plea

What makes this house special is that it has only had two owners since it was built in 1933-the first being my grandparents.


I’m not sure where to begin this post. I don’t usually reveal emotional stories on Rosewire, but this is house and home related.

I will begin with the house.

This house3863 Woodsidewas built by my great grandparents in 1933.

You can click on the photo to see more.

I just learned that it is on the market. I have always loved this house from afar.  I never knew my great- grandparents, but I used to live around the corner from it and my mom would point it out to me. Its the last house on the corner across from the forest preserve in the cutest little nook called Hollywood.

The thing is… I need something.

It’s doubtful that I will win the lotto tonight so I can buy it myself so I need something much more personal.

I need to contact the current owner and show her all the photos…

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