It’s a miracle…

That I made it home alive today. I set out with a vague plan to get the oil changed on my little green baby. As if it isn’t weird enough just being in New York after 20 years, the nearest Fiat dealer happens to be just blocks from where my ex’s family lived…when we were married!

This was my second attempt to find it as I am finding that as a driver and not just a passenger the street signs and usual traffic configurations in NY are seriously flawed. Twice today I was driving along on the road I wanted to be on when I got thrown into a mess of construction, signs and ramps requiring lightening speed decisions…then got spit out on a completely different road!!!

At one point I swerved around a truck and came very close to slamming into a barricade *heart pounding*

Luckily my genetic sense of direction was working and when I saw signs saying…North Brooklyn, Bushwick Ave and East New York I knew I was going the wrong way. I circled back on the Jackie Robinson Parkway but discouraged, hungry and tired I actually pulled over and checked the basic map on my blackberry phone…thinking even Siri couldn’t get me out of this mess.

I did eventually find my way back the only photo I managed to capture from this wild (and it was wild) ride is this


tomorrow~~~~undaunted~~~I am heading upstate!!!!

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