5.30 am????

I forgot to turn off the alarm I had set for my (cancelled) trip upstate on Friday. This morning I was rudely roused in the morning darkness from a deep sleep and and intense dream at 5.30 am. It dawned on me that 5.30 am used to be my usual wake up time. In the last days of my previous job I rarely saw 6 am and waking at 6.30 was not unusual. I will probably plan on about 7 am for my new job

Due to this unexpected waking the morning was a little slow…I considered lots of different options:

  • A subway trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • A subway trip to Union Square for a bit of retail therapy and people watching
  • A roadtrip upstate
  • A roadtrip to Long Island

So I headed out with number 4 vaguely in mind. I am trying to be open and spontaneous. This area is familiar in a deja vous kind of way. The names of the streets trigger a knowing response but where they go is another story.

I took the only way I am comfortable with and that would be due east..out on long island.


Just to orient you out of NYers I live very close to the square that says New York-I drove out on 678 and 495 ending up somewhere around the very posh Glen Cove-Oyster Bay Area. One thing I remembered about north shore long islanders is they pay a big price to live near “the water” and they will do anything to ensure riff-raff like people with Illinois plates stay far away!

Aha, but I have siri!! when I innocently asked siri for directions to the huntington town (public) beach~~he guided me directly to a small private beach called Crescent Beach.

photo 2

There were signs saying there was a fee but nobody there to collect the money and the gate was wide open…probably because it was so well hidden. So I drove in

photo 3

I enjoyed the smell of salt water and the sound of the waves

photo (4)


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