Tracy “Spontaneous” A

I was driving west yesterday along a very scenic and familiar road. There are a few brown tourist signs that I have seen but never bothered to check out…one is for the cold spring harbor whaling museum and another for cold spring harbor laboratory and the third is for sagamore hill.

Finally I made an unconscious decision to make a quick right and follow the signs. It turned out to be a long winding road and I went through a series of thoughts that I was either lost or that it would be a broken down cabin or something equally disappointing but no it was lovely! The big main house was closed for repairs so I will have to go back to get a view from the front porch out over the bay but the museum was open and there is a nature 3It was all free so it will be easy to go back again to walk the trails…it is on a hill and there are lovely apple and oak trees and I assume views of the bay at some point?

I went through the museum and was amused by this little piece of jewelry

photo 4Apparently Teddy Roosevelt’s wife wore it during WW1. I sent this photo to my former colleagues saying maybe they/we would be a little more intimidating if we wore this!

It felt good to try something new~all by myself



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