“because the MTA blows”

Those were not my words but what I was thinking was probably worse. This morning, on my very first commute to my new job….an ungodly hot, humid September morning I got the the elevated subway platform and heard an announcement that “due to an incident on the tracks” my train was ending early and listing the alternative routes-none of which I was familiar with.

It soon became useless information as 1, 2, 3, 4….5 trains came and went completely packed!!! It was only for the extremely aggressive and contortionist type of person who could get on.

As I was waiting for the 6th train a man with his young (3-4 yr old) son and pregnant wife appeared on the platform. the little boy all chipper and oblivious to the hot and bothered commuters was asking the usual questions~~

Daddy, when is the train coming? soon…daddy why are there so many people here? because they are going to work….daddy, is the train coming? no, not yet…. daddy, why isn’t the train coming?

This is when pregnant, sweating mommy interjects…because the MTA blows

The little boy says what? mommy what? it’s broken? and the daddy with the patience of a saint says yes, because it’s broken….

I can’t judge the MTA on just one commute, I’ll have a full report on Friday about whether I agree with the pregnant mom that indeed the MTA does blow.

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