never too late…

Today I did something quite casually that I have never-NEVER done in my entire adult life. I bought mascara and lipstick. Shocking?! Yes, between living in NYC and agreeing to be a guest at a wedding, my current state of grooming is just not cutting it.

So, there’s two thing here…being a middle aged, white haired women is next to invisible. There are plenty of middle age women but they are clearly dyed~complete with cleavage wrinkles and chicken wings. If I was a photographer I would have pictures of these manicured women (young and old) with pic of their backside with various labels….”fake tan” “crazy” “botox” “stalker” “boob job” “anorexic”…because that is what they are.

Up until this point I have been completely natural-I wax my eyebrows and pluck the odd hair off my top lip but the rest is just the way I am. But with my hair going rapidly from gray to white (thanks grandma) I look washed out…

I have agreed to accompany a good friend (and lover) to a wedding in October. I will meet his very judgmental Italian family. I’m sure they are lovely people but even the grooms backwards Pennsylvania family will not prevent me from having to walk the gauntlet….

Mascara and lipstick seems to have made miraculous advances in the past 40 years…

What’s next??? Some Amy Winehouse eyeliner??

5 thoughts on “never too late…

  1. What’s next? A tattoo like that young woman in your previous post?!!

    You could also consider seeing a make-up consultant and let them know you don’t want a make-over but just some assistance for this wedding. You want to ‘look good’ without going way out of your comfort zone. Good luck with it. I hate buying lipstick – I tend to go with a colour that is closest to my natural lip colour and basically stick with eye shadow and mascara and that’s it.

  2. I was thinking about getting some professional help. I’m treating myself to a fancy salon (Aveda) haircut a week or so before the wedding (cha-ching) so I might ask . til then I will just try to remember to put on a little each day to get used to it.

  3. That makes sense. All of this reminds me of the time I was following a couple down the street in Birmingham. The man looked older – I thought the woman might be his daughter – very nicely dressed, shapely, beautiful, long, wavy, honey-coloured hair. Then I got a look at her from the front and had to really put on my poker face. No idea how old she was but the hair, make-up and clothing actually made her look ancient. It was scary!

    I don’t know if I’ll take the time to watch your most recent post, but there must also be some clothing tips out there for women with white hair – there are white-haired models. I know that wearing white near your face is supposed to automatically make you look younger and brighter (not smarter!)…but I don’t know much else about it.

    I do know this, though – we all look better in person than in our photographs. I’m sticking to that belief!!

  4. I have never really worn makeup so I can’t give advice. lol However, I always hoped that when I start to go grey…I go more white. I think it is beautiful…but I think grey hair is too. Don’t stress it…I am sure you will be beautiful white hair and all. 🙂

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