Autumn Upstate

Shame on me! It’s been awhile without updates. Certainly life is moving forward…I just haven’t had the motivation to document my very small contribution. Work is…work. Ebola and D 68 are keeping us busy. Better for me is that I am off orientation and have my own units which means I can wander away from my desk, explore the hospital and sneak out for a coffee or snack! Although that brings up my current state of weight consciousness related to an upcoming wedding. Not my own of course but I will be attending a wedding and that can only mean one thing~photos!! One of the reasons I have been absent is that I had a fabulously fantastic weekend, mostly in Woodstock New York last week. We stayed in a cozy little cottage with relaxing swing views like this IMG_0046 Woodstock is everything you could want in a hippie town…head shops, organic drinks, weekly community drum circles and historic geographical landmarks like tannery falls       IMG_0041 There’s no doubt we picked a superb fall weekend to explore upstate New York. It was much warmer than I had planned for. We went to a garlic festival and headed out to an interesting spot on a map. It is called Kaaterskill Falls and looked pretty innocent but turned into quite a tourist spot! Loads of tourists and some “moderate” hiking-not to be outdone by some 6 year olds we tackled the trail… IMG_0048   Winter will be closing in soon, so glad we were able to explore upstate new york in autumn

5 thoughts on “Autumn Upstate

  1. lol, he, like practically every other man I have been with had a revelation (at the last minute) that I am pretty good GF/DW material. Unfortunately not in time to change my mind about taking this job but in time to save the overall relationship. so, now I guess it’s a LDR….ugh

  2. he does have family here and I met them for the first time when he arrived last week. Yikes!
    The weekend was fantastic and we are trying to make some medium-long range plans. In the meantime he will be here for a week or so from Oct-Dec so we’ll see.

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