subway etiquette

As a seasoned public transportation patron…and we are talking London Tube, Chicago L, Paris Metro and now the New York City Subway I know what th unwritten rules are.

If the train car is not crowded…go ahead stretch out, feet up, back pack on the adjacent seat

But when you see a major influx of passengers-time to tighten up

some people didn’t get the memo or…..just think they are special


5 thoughts on “subway etiquette

  1. if they are Orthodox they don’t/ won’t sit by women… did you hear about the flight that was delayed because a bunch of conservative orthodox wouldn’t sit next to women?? crazy… they should have reserved the whole back of the plane instead..

  2. Julie is right-I just happened to discreetly capture this particular gentleman. If you have some kind of phobia about being close to other people there are plenty of corners for you to stand in or….take a taxi but taking up two seats while other people stand is just not an option. On buses my pet peeve is people who sit in the aisle seat with their bag on the window seat and just ignore all the people getting on. just plain rude!

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