Nurses at the frontlines

I just need to get that out there-Let’s be clear—-NURSES not doctors, resp techs, lab techs and least of all administrative staff are facing the highest risk of Ebola in this country.

In West Africa it may be a little more equal although I read Docs are on strike there but here as in most western healthcare systems the nurses are taking care of these patients. Gloved hands on skin, close proximity care.

Yesterday we had a 2 hour meeting about what staff should be wearing and today another 3 hours including a presentation directly from some of the docs in Nebraska and Atlanta (Emory) but not Texas. I want to point out that those are two vastly different scenarios.

Nebraska and Emory have special biological units where they have special teams that have been practicing for the past ten years, they had a few days notice before the arrival of their Ebola patients.

Texas, in their defense, is a run of the mill community hospital. Their Ebola patient arrived unannounced. I would stress that this is a huge difference which is reflected in the outcomes.

As this evolves and I think it will get worse before it gets better. Lots of people salute and praise serviceman, firemen and policemen but hey-you-nurse1

I just want to express my support and loyalty to my colleagues. I will be there guiding nurses in taking off their personal protective gear.

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