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Under stress people cope in different ways. I am increasingly desperate to retire to the country and raise chickens, grow vegetables, gather a collection of pets…waiting for some little people to call me granny.

In the meantime, I have started looking into my genealogy on that popular website.

I knew that 3 of my grandparents were German but thought all my life the key person, my paternal grandfather, was Irish. He and all the men before him back to the 1700’s were Scottish. Renfrew, Glasgow Scotland specifically. I have long wanted to visit Glasgow over its more tourist friendly big brother Edinborough because of its association with Rennie Macintosh.


So this family tree thing is a little harder than I thought….and it is becoming a feminist thing. Despite having a mostly immigrant family, I can find loads of stuff about the men…the ladies?  more tricky.

Their lasting identity is their married name. Men have naturalization papers, WW1 draft registration cards, ship manifests~~~the women were too busy at home to make any impact on social registers. I have yet to come across a woman in my family that didn’t have at least 5 children.

Anna Weber and Theresa Garber, who were you before you married Julius and Micheal???

Theresa and Micheal are a particularly endearing couple. They arrived in this country separately in 1906, Micheal had $7 in his pocket but they married in 1907 and subsequently had 6 daughters. (#2 being my grandma)

So much more pleasant than reading today’s news~~

7 thoughts on “Other things

  1. I know your pain. I can find out about all of my grandfathers but the only info on any grandmothers are who they are married to and how many kids they had. Supposedly my family is from Ireland, specifically one of my great grandmothers…however there is nothing about her other than who she was married to. 😦

    • Wow, thanks for the link. I guess I am exhibiting my newbie-ness.

      So I do have the option of visiting some of the public record places myself-Is it usually possible to search the records there?

  2. If you’re on Ancestry.com and want to pay for international, you can look at census records, marriage records, etc., online. YOu can also see other people’s family trees, which can often help to confirm or deny what you already suspect about a female ancestor. To be honest, I have almost as much trouble with the men as the women – Edward and George have been very popular names at different times in this country! I’m back into the late 1700’s with some of them (women too!)…but I get really stuck with my dad’s side, since once I get back to them actually leaving Germany, I hit a brick wall – so many names have been Americanised that it’s difficult to track anyone down. Still, fun, interesting, frustrating. I seem to take a break in the summertime and then get back into it in the dead of winter!

  3. I agree with all your comments Julie. The thing about the same names and lack of middle names. Also, three of my grandparents are German so those lines have come to a halt. I am in one contact about one line but the sad thing is on my mom’s side the family is very small so nobody else is out there looking….I think I will make a point of going to some of the relevant places and investigate myself in person.

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