unloading at the dream factory

I’ve been very absent. Weirdly un-sharing but it hit me sometime last week during my long subway commute that I have been having intense, vivid, seemingly non-nonsensical dreams every night…starring all my children, parents and lovers, past and present…all jumbled up in various combinations.

The result is I am serenely clam and enjoying life. Today while mesmerized by the dryers at the laundromat I thought I really just need to stop worrying and enjoy every minute. I thought this will be one of those stories I can share with my grandkids.

Having experienced a spell of bad sleep, months/years of 3-5am insomnia~

I am enjoying nights full of sleep and dreams like a

pig in shit

4 thoughts on “unloading at the dream factory

  1. I fell asleep the other night at 10pm. I was then rudely awoken by my alarm at 6 am. Probably for the first time in my life I had an undisturbed, peaceful nights sleep….
    I’m now seriously disturbed!!! Anything could’ve happened in that time! I could’ve been burgled! My child kidnaped.. A house fire!!!
    Bring back sleepless nights! At least I’m up at various intervals and I know my house isn’t on fire!!!!!

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