An old hobby comes back

I used to embroider, a lot and in many different ways. One of my favorite projects was some very cool designs I sewed on my brothers white painters pants when he was like 7 years old. He is now in his mid forties and being the sentimental pack rat that he is I believe he still has them. Those designs were pre-printed iron-on patterns for rocket ships and robots that I just filled in. I have searched high and low for something similar without success.

Pre-dating that slightly I had my 70’s  “patchwork” phase. I patched and sewed my jean and anything else I could find…

I also had a free form phase-I embroidered at least two items for my niece-who is also pushing 40. I embroidered a baby pillow case for her with her name and some flowers and another scene that I copied from a post card- flowers and a balcony, I think.

I cross stitched for many years but cross stitch is very limited.

Fast forward, 2014-this is my new project

IMG_0128[1]It’s not finished but it’s a flag/banner of sorts for the annual hippie fest, It’s hanging over a door so it’s scrunched up at the top. Here are some of the details~~~IMG_0130[1] IMG_0129[1]

Hey it’s not Picaso but I enjoy making the details and it keeps me off the sauce, errrr… out of trouble!!

9 thoughts on “An old hobby comes back

  1. I originally looked at your blog because of a tag of cross stitch. Counted cross stitch is my passion and I do not find it limited.which is my passion. I expect to share some of my work on my blog but I hope to branch out into other needle arts as well. Love the bright colors in your design.

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