7.15am car quickie

Every morning after my shower I sit and drink my coffee, eat some cereal and listen to the radio. There are two cars that park right under my window. The first car is usually there when I get up at 7. Sometimes the gentleman is accompanied by a woman and I think oh, they had a sleepover last night.

This morning the other car showed up as usual during my coffee and the first thing I noticed was that it took him 3-4 manuevers to get the car backed in just right. He was sitting there with the engine running when out of the corner of my eye I saw a young woman jump in the back seat.

Then I see the driver climb over the seat into the back.

Hmmm, that’s interesting.

IMG_0132[1]15 minutes later he is back in the drivers seat, she has the back door open doing whatever

Then she jumps in the drivers seat and seems even more excited to be behind the wheel as she slowly pulls away.

My guess is they were having sex-my friend suggested they were trying on new christmas presents

Any other possibilities?

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