The lovebirds were back

Maybe I should call them early morning penguins? or snow bunnies?

After no action outside my window yesterday morning, today was a realization about how old I am.

Car number 2 was parked up bright and early with our little love-doves, both in the front seat, just talking and playing around a little. I was going to take a photo but thought what could happen? it’s too flippin cold (10F) to fool around…

then Car number 1 pulls up and the gentleman and his lady friend got out-as usual spent some time getting backpacks and stuff out of the backseat. At this point they looked pretty middle age and innocent next to the young couple in the other car. They head off to the subway…

So I jump in the shower and when I get out? The lovebirds are in the backseat, again! Engine running, window cracked so they don’t fog up the windows too much…

I had to shuffle off to work myself but I felt better because I got a good look at the guy this time and he was young so maybe they are just a couple who both live at home? I was worried it was an old geezer taking advantage of a younger woman or paying for sex…yuck, right under my window?

I sent this chapter of the saga to my friend and we both agreed they must be early 20’s-having sex in a car in sub-zero temperatures would never even be considered by:

  • anyone over 50 with anyone
  • anyone over 40 with their own partner
  • over 30 might consider it if they still lived at home with their parents

who knows what will happen tomorrow? It’s been fairly dark and cloudy, I wonder if a bright sunny day will change anything?


3 thoughts on “The lovebirds were back

  1. LOL I agree. Cheaper than a hotel room and when you are young the cold doesn’t bother you as much. You should holler out your window one day, “YOU’RE GONNA CATCH YOUR DEATH OF COLD!”

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