Checking in

So I am just re-orienting myself to the ole blog and see that in fact it’s only been 10 months since my last post. I am still trying to make sense of a disastrous professional job move but the ship is righted and we are anticipating smooth sailing from here on.

A brief run down of the last 10 months would be something like

  1. Disillusioned with rich hospital but loving the big apple
  2. Son (30 yrs old) tells me his girlfriend is pregnant
  3. I decide living with son, gf and pending baby is not possible
  4. I take a job in Chicago that I thought would be “perfect”
  5. Son and gf get married
  6. I move in with my lover/manfriend of 4+ years
  7. Job in Chicago is anything but “perfect”
  8. I quit my imperfect job & offered a job at the VA almost the same day grandson is born
  9. I buy into a medical cannabis business
  10. I take off three months to oversee business while my VA (fed) paperwork gets processed
  11. Son, wife and the most beautiful grandson ever move to Chicago
  12. Back to work, get thanked everyday for my military service and babysit grandson for a few hours on the weekend
  13. Have occasional panic attacks thinking that I can’t possibly be living the life I have always dreamed of

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