Wednesday update

One very positive and transformative thing I am doing for myself is…

I am currently finishing up my 5th month of “boot camp” and still going strong, highly motivated and feeling 10 years younger.

To clarify this is boot camp for middle age people. We meet Mon-Wed-Fri at 6am! It’s an ever-changing mix of cardio, weights, yoga and Pliates.

So far I have lost 10 pounds without really trying and have a whole new wardrobe!

The downside is I drive 20 mins at 5.40am to get there-I also go into work a little later than I would like and of course I drag myself out of a comfy bed at 5.30am.

I’m not the best attendee-I don’t get there 3 times every week but if I can work out twice a week I think i’m doing pretty good.

As fall is closing in, we move inside to a yoga studio-which we did this morning. I thought it would be easier because there wouldn’t be any running but she (our guru) has us captive and my arms and abs are feeling it tonight.

Just think how great I’m going to look in my sleeveless tops next year?

One thought on “Wednesday update

  1. AAWW Girl!! I lost my Mojo and i want it back!! My baby goal is to lose 6 lbs by new year..My real goal is to lose 15!! UUgghh! sounds easy but it is the last …the vanity weight and it sucks!! what time do you get to bed?? I am super proud of you by the way!!

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