This is getting real

After his abrupt discharge from the local hospital, still sounding like Darth Vader, my brother rather quickly engaged at the local VA medical center. It took another week to get in to see a Primary Care doctor who emergently requested his test results and set him up to see an oncologist and ENT…Ear, Nose and Throat. Emergent in VA lingo is a week later.

I took off on Monday to go to the oncologist with him. She was young but I liked her honesty and the way she talked to him. She didn’t have medical records and so could make a definitive diagnosis but asked us to go to the other hospital and pick up the actual biopsy slides so the pathologist could read them here. she said a diagnosis this important should not be left to someone else’s interpretation. I understood and agreed.

We went to the other hospital and asked around for the pathology department, was sent to a completely different building but finally stumbled into an office labeled “Pathology “. I said to the nice lady at the desk…”I’m not sure I’m in the right place but I was told I could pick up biopsy slides here”.

Imagine my amazement when she asked for identification, told us to wait in the waiting room and about 15 minutes later came out with a medium size manila envelope containing a few papers and a plastic box containing actual slides! Presumably specimens from my brothers neck.

We drove back to the VA and as we were walking in I nonchalantly looked at the papers pretending to check the name or date or something. What I saw quite clearly were the words~

Squamous Cell Carcinoma


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