The VA is back to it’s usual state

Hurry up and wait. It’s been over a week of waiting to start radiation and chemo.

Basically it’s been delayed by those pesky “fainting spells”. He got moved to the nice rehab area and getting used to taking care of his trach when he fainted, and shat himself which he felt compelled to share with me as if I’d never seen that….

Anyway, apparently it caused quite a commotion and bought him a ticket back to the med surg floor with a free ticket to a cardiology visit. They thought (still think) a pacemaker will solve the problem. I do not and even printed out a research article

to support my opinion. But okay, I’ll defer to the cardiologist but then it had to wait til Monday and then the wires weren’t “perfect” so Tuesday…more waiting….chemo and radiation Wednesday gets delayed….

I’m not so much against the pacemaker itself, I’m just concerned about all these foreign bodies implanted in him. Chemo could potentially knock his WBC (White blood cell) count down to close to nothing. And I do work in infection control so I read charts everyday that describe the one in a million case.

I am currently following a patient, 41 years old who finished his first round of chemo for hairy cell leukemia. His white count is 0, yes, that is zero, nothing to fight infection. He’s been deteriorating over the last 4-5 days and honestly cannot get much worse.

I just need to press erase and wipe my mind clear.

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