VA Rehab

After several fits and starts my brother is currently living in a rehab unit at one of our fine VA medical centers. He’s coping and learning to care for his tracheostomy and downright grateful to have it as he thinks without it he would be unable to breath.

They have a washing machine and microwave and a big screen TV-What more could a single man want??

My brother keeps telling me that joining the army was the best thing he ever did. I am a veteran too but I can’t really picture myself saying that.

He has started chemo and radiation with little or no side effects. His two big complaints are:

  1. Pain-increasing to the point he now has a fentynal patch
  2. For radiation they place a custom made “basket” over his face to hold his head in place. it’s only about 10 minutes but he doesn’t like it at all. Radiation treatments will be 5 days a week for 6-7 weeks

We are aiming for him to come home April 1. Just in time for my birthday!

2 thoughts on “VA Rehab

  1. I know he’s probabaly in denial but just the fact that he’s not fighting you and being optimistic has to be a help to you.. I pray he is in less pain and fear… praying for you guys always.. enjoy him and your time…don’t mourn him now ..just be..I knw it’s easier said than done but I live and have been raised with such negative and fatalistic people my whole life that hearing that he is actually ‘working with” the sytem is refreshing for me.. I hope you have an amazing birthday!!

  2. I’m not sure if he’s in denial or just putting up a fight.
    We are going to have a nice family easter dinner and then repeat for my birthday the next weekend
    Spring is coming on and that brings an optimistic feeling.

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