Medical Marijuana

Ironically, I have been involved in, as an investor, a medical cannabis registration business. Illinois joined the growing number of legal states  and is chugging very slowly forward. Last summer it seemed like a good idea~What could go wrong? Surely it will be the next gold mine?!

Dispensaries (some) opened (finally) last November.

I’ve learned a lot but I never could have imagined as my 9th grade pot smoking fiend self that I would be running a marijuana related business let alone that I would be searching for a glimmer of hope for the same brother who turned me on to pot.

I quit smoking weed years ago…at least 25 years. I tried it again once when I found some in one of my kids rooms but it made me super paranoid so I’ll just stick to my red wine.

Now? Now I am looking at all the wild and wacky claims that it cures cancer. Just in case you haven’t googled “cannabis cures cancer” lately

I have obtained some cannabis oil for my brother. I have no big hope this will “cure” my brothers cancer but if it helps I’m happy to support him. In the next few weeks my brother will get his Illinois Medical Cannabis card and I will be his caregiver. I’ll let you know how this goes as a side story but he will stick with chemo and radiation for now.

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