Quiet week

We’ve settled into a steady routine. My brother is still in rehab-complaining that people stole the Thai food my daughter brought him. He complains about pain and constipation also.

But we are moving forward, he will venture out this weekend-Saturday or Sunday or both depending on the weather. I have opted to cook Easter dinner  for my family and grandson.

My brother sent me this early, 4.06am

Having a tracheostomy is a very embarrassing condition.  Except for wet leprosy it’s possibly the most disgusting affliction on earth.  On Sunday, what I’d like to do is to sit at the table while everyone is eating so I can participate in conversations, because if I try to talk and eat at the same time I’ll choke.  Then when everyone is finished I’d like to eat alone.  I can’t reasonably expect anyone to keep their appetite with me bubbling and gurgling at the table.

It’s not a problem and I’m not going to pressure him. It’s just a way for him to gently transition, adapt and be able to enjoy his life.

He wants to go to this exhibit


Which ends May 10 so we have a goal!

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